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Selecting the Right Accounting or ERP Software

You might suspect that you need new business software. Perhaps you're using QuickBooks, Peachtree, or an old accounting software program. Maybe your system has reached its limit. It might be outdated or expensive to maintain. 

We've Already Done the Work for You

If you've already decided to replace your system, the problem is choosing the right software. The Guide to Selecting Business Software was designed to teach you the critical things you need to know to get the right software the first time. We'd be happy to email you a copy.Picture of glasses resting on graph of business data.

There are hundreds--perhaps thousands--of software products for businesses to choose from. Knowing accounting and business processes plus understanding the available software is the secret.

Unfortunately, as Bob Palmer says, "I'm a CPA. I've been working with mid-range accounting solutions for over 20 years. But I don't envy any business the task of selecting the right software. The information you need to make an informed choice just isn't available."

The trouble is that selecting the right ERP or accounting software for a distribution, manufacturing, service, retail, or other business requires knowing how the software will work in your business. This means that you'd need to work with the software 6 to 8 months before you made a decision. And that's not reasonable or possible for most businesses.

Make the Best Decision

Since you want to know that you're making the best decision, our consultants continuously review accounting software. We match your needs against a database of over 150 ERP and accounting software products. This process assures that your needs are reviewed against all of the major accounting software and ERP software products in the market.

Make sure your vendor does a thorough needs analysis. No single software product meets the needs of every company. For over 20 years at Data Guidance Group, needs analysis has been the key to selecting the right software system. Can you afford to trust your business to a vendor that does not understand it?

Take Advantage of Our Research

With all of our experience in selecting software over the past 20 years, we've selected several products that fit well in many of the businesses we serve. You can benefit from our detailed knowledge of Sage ERP ACCPAC, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, QuickBooks Enterprise Solution, MiSys, and other quality products. We feel comfortable recommending these products to our clients based on our hands-on experience with them.