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Custom Software Solutions and Software Development - Memphis, Atlanta, Birmingham

Software Built for You

Business is business. Except that your business is different. That's why you're around: to offer a unique product, service, or solution that your customers can't get elsewhere.

So a pre-built software solution probably meets the majority of your needs, but it's that little extra feature here and there you need to streamline the day-to-day. That's what we do: create solutions that respond to your unique needs and wants.

Depending on what's best and most cost-effective, we can modify the solution or build an add-on that meets your special needs. Does one of the solutions below looks a lot like what you need? You can find out more about our software solutions for your business.

Deep in Business and Software

Because our staff is deep in both business and software development, we have a unique understanding of your business needs. Our solutions produce better return on your investment because they are designed with business users and goals in mind.

Here are a few custom software solutions we've built that might be similar to your needs:

  • We extended the life of an aging PC-based student management system by developing reports, custom processing routines, and data import programs. This allowed the customerPhoto of hand with pencil working through a software design idea to grow using funds that would have been consumed by a large software expense. 
  • Several businesses wanted to use QuickBooks, but were told that QuickBooks did not have needed features.
    • We provided a QuickBooks utility that shows the item cost on the order line for the data entry clerks to see.
    • We developed a custom edit report that calculates margin on Sales Orders for review before conversion to invoices.
    • We customized a QuickBooks add-on that converts open sales orders to invoices.
    • We developed a system to allow QuickBooks to calculate weight by line-item and order. The customer uses this to increase sales by telling their customer, "If you added a few pallets, you would have a full truck load. You'll save freight."
    • We provided a utility to update price lists automatically, and to allow different percentage discounts for different categories of parts in QuickBooks.
  • Sage ERP 300 (ACCPAC) implementations would often fail without critical software DGG developed:
    • We provided a utility to consolidate data from 30 different sources into a single company, eliminating days of work.
    • We developed a utility to invoice nursing home residents and insert the invoices into Sage 300 (ACCPAC).
    • We provided a VBA macro to insert invoices entered into a Microsoft ACCESS database into ACCPAC (Sage 300)
    • Many, many more over a 20+ year period.
  • We have also helped IT departments develop reporting and web-based solutions using data from their existing ERP systems. 

Using standard software saves time and money while maximizing your technology investment. Custom software tailors it to your business and helps you increase the fit of the solution.

Software Developed Just for You

You may have tried several off-the-shelf products only to discover they are not a good fit for the way you do business.  A custom developed solution from Data Guidance Group’s team of experts is the solution. 

From databases to powerful programming languages, our experienced staff translates your desires into software that meets your current needs and will grow with your company.

Data Guidance Group provides software throughout the South, including Memphis, Atlanta, and Birmingham.