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Manufacturing Software Expertise Including ERP & MRP

Manufacturing Expertise You Need To Compete

At Data Guidance Group, we understand manufacturing. You may be a custom manufacturing company which functions either as a job shop or a repetitive manufacturer. You may manufacture to stock and have a distribution network. Or you could be in many other situations such as providing OEM products for a small number of large customers. You may be a manufacturing companies that does a mix of these things.

We understand that all of these situations need different software support. Even though they are all manufacturing, the day-to-day issues are different.

Many manufacturing companies have similar issues, including:

  • Planning for purchasing to avoid stock-outs and down time
  • Maximizing profit by allocating production resources
  • Accurately determining cost of doing business
  • Keeping resources at maximum productivity
  • Dealing with customer EDI requirements
  • Outsourcing either domestically or internationally and keeping track of the associated production lead times and demand
  • Forecasting demand
  • Stocking inventory
  • Warehousing products
  • Maintaining quality control
  • Keeping ISO records (9001, 9000. etc.)
  • Controlling costs of transportation and manufacturing

Your needs begin with the basics :

  • assembling kits
  • Materials Requirement Planning (MRP)
  • modifying products
  • tracking cost of jobs or manufacturing

Our decision to concentrate expertise in manufacturing means that we understand many of the features you may need in an ERP or Accounting product. The feature list is endless, but some of the items we're familiar with include:

  • shipping (including freight quoting, rate shopping, TL and LTL)
  • warehousing (including assisted and manual pick and put-away, barcode, RF wireless, etc.)
  • accounting techniques such as activity based costing (ABC)
  • order promising (including available-to-promise and capable-to-promise)
  • manufacture-to-order and manufacture-to-stock environments
  • job shops (both custom and repetitive manufacture)
  • LEAN
  • CRP (Capacity Requirements Planning)
  • MRP (Material Requirements Planning)

Our process includes a proprietary and comprehensive needs analysis. To find out more, request your FREE copy of our Guide to Selecting Business Software.