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Picture of People Looking up at a new software banner. DGG helps with new software.

Software Selection: Accounting and Financial Management Software, ERP, Inventory, Manufacturing and CRM

Having the right software is important to your business. But software selection is a complex process. We find that it sometimes takes a year to fully absorb new software once the implementation begins. The first six months is spent learning how to do in your new software the things you knew how to do in your old software. The second six months you begin to reap the rewards of new features.

At DGG, you can expect a solution that looks to the needs you have now and your future needs. We have developed a process that documents your needs, informs you of the options available, and analyzes your best course of action. We take into account both hard (features, technology, capabilities) and soft factors (people, training, size of organization, fit of the software for your business). When you get a recommendation from DGG, you can be assured that a full range of possibilities has been explored and the solution recommended will meet your needs.

Evaluation and Consultation on ERP and Accounting Systems

Many ERP technology firms support and research only one brand of accounting software. A study of software selection projects in large consulting firms discovered that the software product recommended in over 80% of the cases was the product the lead consultant knew best.

At Data Guidance Group, we know that selecting the right software is more than half the battle. So we begin solution agnostic. We believe that it's our job to know many different software packages and to determine which packages fit best.

Our projects begin with a study and analysis of your needs. For more information on the details of each step, contact us.

  • Your New System
  • Evaluation
  • Needs Analysis
  • Review and approval
  • Recommendation

ERP Software Implementation

Sometimes we determine that one of the systems we support will meet your needs. In these cases, you may choose to have us prepare a proposal. If you select a system that we support, our cutting-edge implementation process includes the following steps:

  • Proposal
  • Solution Acceptance
  • Data Conversion
  • Solution Design
  • Training
  • Go-Live
  • Support

Accounting and Management Software  (ERP) Selection

Finally, you may realize that you need help selecting a software package for your business. In these cases, we offer selection services. If we provide this service to your company, we will not also make a proposal. We would consider that a conflict of interest--and we're sure you do as well. Our selection process follows the following outline:

  • Selection Process
  • RFP Preparation
  • RFP Distribution
  • RFP Evaluation
  • Product Selection
  • Planning
  • Project Control

If you would like to discuss our process or your needs further, give us a call at 877-306-3994, or 901-452-4585 in Memphis, TN.