Microsoft D365 Business Central

Dynamics NAV or Navision

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central offers your business a deep and flexible All-in-one solution for enterprise resource planning, accounting, service, manufacturing, distribution, and accounting processes.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is an All-in-one solution. It includes Accounting, Financial Management, Manufacturing, Wholesale, Inventory, Distribution, Warehousing, Job tracking, Fixed Assets, Service, CRM, and more! It even offers web based access, eCommerce integration, and many other features, all with a single user interface.
Financial Management and Accounting

Business Central handles your financial management, bookkeeping, and accounting functions. With Business Central you can forecast cash flow, track financial performance in real time, and implement fast closing techniques. A host of financial features combined with integration to sophisticated analytics provide you with unparalleled ability to manage and control your business finance.

Inventory Management and Warehousing

Full-featured inventory management and warehouse management is part of the foundation Business Central provides. It includes the full range of features such as lot and serial management and warehouse staging. Warehouse management includes management of forward picking and bulk storage as well as staging raw materials for manufacturing.


Business Central supports job shops and  repetitive manufacturers. Multi-level bills of material and phantom or blow-through assemblies can be created. If you assemble kits as they are ordered, Business Central includes those features. The ability to customize BOMs during order entry is standard as well.

Job Costing and Management
Job Costing - Construction worker

Business Central provides the ability to collect costs whether you build homes and office buildings or install cable and equipment. If you need to capture and analyze labor, overhead, and materials, the tools are included in Business Central’s all-in-one design. 


From fixing broken equipment to providing warranty service, Business Central handles your needs. New sales are added to service equipment, and the service system provides several methods of setting service prices and delivering services. After services are delivered, reports help you track profitability and sources of breakdown.