An ERP Software Problem You Can't Figure Out?

Some businesses come to us unsure of their needs. They think they need software, but they don't know what good accounting or ERP software would do. Things seem to be operating smoothly, but profit isn't what it could be or should be. New employees reminisce about their old companies and how good the computer systems were there. Generally it isn't clear what to do.

You may have felt this way. At Data Guidance Group, we're IT specialists but we're businesspeople first. If you're not sure what you need, we may be able to help. Perhaps all you need is a little tune-up, a new business process, or a few reports tweaked.

Everything depends on selecting the right system and correctly evaluating your needs. Our unique process for selecting the right software for our clients has been successful for over 20 years! We also have a collection of tools to help you evaluate mid-market software.