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Microsoft Dynamics NAV Box Picture - Click to get a Microsoft Dynamics NAV TrialIf you are in Atlanta and considering Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Data Guidance Group offers a unique blend of knowledge, expertise, and services. NAV offers your business a broad solution for distribution, wholesale, manufacturing, and service and provides ERP, MRP, accounting, and support processes. If you've looked but can't find one software package that meets all your needs, consider NAV.

Our experts have background in both technical and business specialties. Not only are we expert in implementation, training, and development for NAV; we also understand your business processes. Our staff includes a CPA.CITP to offer you accounting and business process advice as well as help with security and fraud prevention. Supply chain management expertise and experience managing accounting functions in a publicly traded company assure your business ROI and technical expertise. All of this expertise is available to you as part of our service.

Completely Integrated Product

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Dynamics is a fully integrated solution offering Manufacturing, Wholesale, Distribution, Warehousing, Job tracking, Fixed Assets, Service, and CRM systems. It also offers mobile products, web based employee and customer access, eCommerce, and many other features.

More For Your Investment

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In comparison with other systems in the mid-market--some costing many thousands of dollars more--Dynamics offers the best feature set we've seen in the marketplace. This is confirmed by rankings from dozens of customer Needs Analysis documents that rank it alongside products from the Tier 1 software publishers. Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision) may be one of the few solutions that offers the features your business needs.

ROI from Your Investment

Because this ERP software is a Microsoft product, it leverages other Microsoft technologies you may have. Office products, Windows SharePoint Server, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server, SQL Server, BizTalk Server, Exchange Server, and other Microsoft techologies are embraced to increase the effectiveness of your overall system.

Real Time

Every NAV transaction is fully processed when you complete it. This means that data is up to the minute throughout your entire system.

Source Code Available

Data, reporting, business rules, screen formatting, and other source code that is used to build the application are available to you. All Certified Partners for Dynamics NAV are required to maintain certified professionals who can assist you in getting your specific needs met with the software.

Additional Products to Choose From

Using the same tools available to you and certified partners, Independant Software Vendors who are also Microsoft partners have developed a host of additional products that you can add to your system to tailor it. Best of all, because these products are fully integrated into the source code of the product, there are no seams, and they work in tandem with the existing features of Dynamics NAV.

The Right Solution

At Data Guidance Group, we firmly believe that your business is unique. You don't need a cookie-cutter solution for your ERP software; it's just too important. Dynamics NAV is only one of the solutions we offer in Atlanta. To discuss NAV or another solution that fits your business like a good suit, call us in Atlanta at 404-806-0757.