Redesigning Business Processes for ERP and Accounting Solutions

The second situation is more complex. It is also sometimes more difficult to recognize.
It begins when new business demands start to overwhelm your existing system. Clients in this situation usually tell us things like

  • We're having trouble with inventory. We have too much, too little, or not the right kind. We need help deciding what and how much to stock.
  • We're growing rapidly, and things are falling through the cracks. More and more customers are complaining about simple things. We shipped the wrong color, the tolerances weren't tight enough, or we didn't ship on time.
  • We don't have enough time in the day or enough space. We can't afford to move or hire more people. Cash flow won't support it.

These are simple examples, but you may recognize your business in these statements. It isn't as clear that the software is the issue and, frankly, it may not be the issue. The issue could be one of business process. Or it could be a combination: effective business processes may not be possible with your current software. DGG can help you assess process changes that accomplish your business goals without replacing software.